Come Sit with Me

Hey, Everyone! It’s Friday, and in some parts of the world, it’s sunny. Those are two good things. Another good thing is that one day, not too long from now, we will be able to sit outside together with fear only a memory. But today, stay inside and read good things, like the wondrous and…

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I’m with You

And I’m taking it day by day. I hope you are healthy and safe. I hope you have enough to eat and that your bills are paid. I hope everyone you know is breathing deeply and can walk upright, head clear. I don’t wish you prayers because prayers get in the way. I wish you…

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What Fun! An Interview.

Black Lawrence Press publishes a weekly newsletter, Sapling, and they reached out to Club Plum. Read some things you may not know below. Sapling: What should people know who may not be familiar with Club Plum? Thea Swanson: Club Plum is brand new on the scene but will be around for years. I know this because my…

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Wake Up, People!

Don’t just sit there. Enter the club. Grab a non-alcoholic beverage and let the words and art alter your reality. And what’s a club without music? A library, and though I love them, you can’t dance in them, and it’s Friday.

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The DJ is Busy

She is taking requests and building her playlist with uncanny and muscular flash fiction and art. Masterly creators are among us. The party is still on track for January 31, 2020.

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