Club Plum is a house party. We play all the good music. The DJ dances and laughs and knows that today is yesterday, and today is tomorrow, and pain is forever, so we’ve got to crack out the joy and ride the beat.

If you read or write flash fiction, prose poetry, hybrid works or creative nonfiction that cause the DJ to drop the needle, you are invited. If your words straddle realities without losing time, you can join the party. Knock politely on the door, but bang if you have to. Wear flannel on your back and opals in your lobes. Tumble, crying, through the threshold, but when you look up, your eyes must swim warm, so that we choke out, “Poor dear” and drag you inside.

We will throw a party four times a year. We hope to see you there.

Mission Statement: Club Plum is an ongoing literary conversation, a resonant entry into a beautiful or strange or dark place, depending on your offering. In the club, money does not change hands, nor will readers see ads. Club Plum is a safe place, so works that demean women are barred as are works that are racist, homophobic or those that proselytize religious beliefs. Club Plum is a haven for the broken and salve for the wounded. A place to speak. A place to listen. In other words, it’s home.

Yvonne Garrett, Editor of Sapling, the Black Lawrence Press newsletter, interviewed Editor Thea Swanson back in January 2020 about the whats and whys of Club Plum. Read the interview here.

A Song for Us

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