Thea Swanson is the founder and editor of Club Plum. Thea writes, edits and reads every day on the ferry and bus with earbuds and a song on repeat. Over the years, she has learned some things. She has learned that when push comes to shove, when the sun sets low, when the night comes nigh, when the clichés end, behold: There stands the truth, that the most fabulous words, the ones that stutter her breath and pause her search, are usually hidden on a page in a hardly-tread journal, drowned by the billions of words that grab the gazes of humans who are flooded. Who are bloated. Who don’t know.

Thea received a BA in English from Buffalo State College and an MFA in Writing from Pacific University in Oregon. She has edited literary journals and published stories, poems and essays. She has taught English to middle-schoolers, high-schoolers and college-schoolers. She has managed the editing of scientific journals and has written dictionary definitions for English learners. Her favorite words are those that scare her with their beauty and strangeness.

A Song for Thea

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