Amrita Tandon


acrylic on canvas

Artist Statement / Bio: Amrita Tandon is a self-taught artist, currently based in Hong Kong. This piece is inspired by the typhoons that frequently assail the island. Her art is greatly influenced by her nomadic life. In her formative years, she lived across the length and breadth of India, and later in vibrant cities like Tokyo, Dublin, Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore and now Hong Kong, each having contributed to expanding her creative horizon. For the past few years, she has been exploring what she likes to call ‘Personal Geographies’–delving into memories, places and experiences that mark her continuing journey. Her paintings have evolved from such introspections. Her work is about the pleasure of seeing, and finding a place and moment of quietude and connection. She is constantly exploring new ideas, the subject matter varying, each a reflection of emotions and experiences at particular times in her life. She enjoys investigating different facets of nature and man, from the mighty to the mundane.

-Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize- 2021 (Finalist)-Luxembourg International Contemporary Art Fair- 2020(Luxembourg)-Artscape Singapore- 2017(School of the Arts, Singapore)-Mumbai Art by Artists- 2017(Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai)-Mumbai Art by Artists- 2015(Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai) -Mumbai Art by Artists- 2014(Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai)

A Song for Amrita

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