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Claim What Is Ours

Since the first day that Vladimir Putin’s army invaded Ukraine, I’ve stopped reading and writing. I should say, my only reading is news about the invasion (as well as Club Plum submissions). My books and journals sit untouched, and the essays I had thought I would tackle are still undeveloped, hastily voiced notes spoken into…

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Best of the Net Finalist

Congratulations to Club Plum contributor, Ann-Marie Brown, whose dreamy painting, Plums, was chosen as a 2022 Best of the Net Anthology Finalist in the Art category. Over 3,500 entries from many journals in all categories were submitted. So. That is something. Please see Ann-Marie Brown’s chosen piece below and also in Volume 1, Issue 3,…

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Remember and Remember

I’ve been working from home since March 2020. I am one of the lucky ones, able to sit in a comfortable chair and do all my paid tasks with the joining of fingertips and keycaps, sometimes with video and audio, sometimes with time-sensitive texts, but always with communication, cooperation and collaboration of real people.  I…

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