Daniel A. Rabuzzi

Grand Central

If Heaven had made a home on Earth, it would have placed at center a clock on a pillar, under a dome of stars. How else would angels set their watches? Above: a tranche of air is filled with steel, imperious statement of intent. Below: the rusty charge of chariots, still splendid in their decay. At this nexus, the imagined and the real intermingle, promiscuous, proud, undulations that are the crowd. Ceaseless the noise that calls attention to itself, that lures you out of yourself, into the crowd, that calls for your surrender. Surrender you must, surrender or quit this place; yield and in return become one with the steel and the sound, the streaming voices, all with an eye on the clock, the celestial clock that beguiles the hours.

Daniel A. Rabuzzi has had two novels, ten poems and five short stories published (see www.danielarabuzzi.com@TheChoirBoats). His 2008 story “Monologue with Birds and Burin” was included in The Best of Shimmer anthology edited by E. Catherine Tobler. He lives in NYC with his artistic partner & spouse Deborah Mills.

A Song for Daniel


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