Greg MacDonald


watercolor and silver pen

Artist Statement: I paint everyday. Some days are more “on” than others. I look for that “on-ness.” A feeling, I suppose, because it is not easily named. It arrives strongest when, and because, it surprises and defies explanation. In other words, painting feels “on” to me when I find suspension between knowing and not knowing, when the unexpected emerges from the middle.

I paint daily to practice stepping across the pitfalls leading away from that “on-ness.” One of these pitfalls arises when I talk or write about my work. When the words are certain, that wondrous delicate suspension can easily collapse. As I write this, I am now dangerously close to that pitfall, but sure-footedly skirting it with a dose of ambiguity.

This painting is titled dd041720-alt, for Daily Drawing on April 17, 2020. It is watercolor and silver pen. The “alt” refers to being altered digitally after it was scanned. In this case, I duplicated and tiled some of the painted marks to create a background, then added color to adjust that background, aiming again for the middle.

Greg MacDonald has always been a painter stealthily disguised in various costumes. Strewn on the floor you will find feathers and fabric from graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, teacher, house painter, Montanan, and Seattleite. Greg now lives and paints in the desert Southwest where ravens are people too. Find more of his work and very few words at 

A Song for Greg

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