Howie Good

The Year of

Because you were watching the waves roll in, and not where you were walking, you very nearly stepped with bare feet on the rotting remains of a gull’s wing, just a few straggly flight feathers still clinging to the shattered frame of hollow bones that nature had designed for soaring.


Sleep is the trend of the time. You introduce house plants with the intent to clear out the air and feel the chlorophyll wash over your nerves.


You’re different now. Not bad different. Just, you know, not like 1999. You’re getting older, and it’s hard work and probably always will be. When you look back, you see tilted floors, a cacophony of windows, rough and unfinished spaces instead of rooms. Another “storm of the century” is coming. You can feel it. The big shaggy heads of trees seem to be nodding in agreement with whatever shit the wind happens to say.

Howie Good‘s latest full-length poetry collection, Gun Metal Sky, is due in early 2021 from Thirty West Publishing.

A Song for Howie

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