Jeremy Szuder


pen and ink on bristol board

Artist Statement: In an effort to best appease my satiation for making art, I have come to rely on the format of the age-old tradition of portraiture. The portrait has been steadfast in relaying the visual information that I find intoxicating and brutally honest in its placement. In many cases, with repetition and a gradual ease of reflex, I have come to the realization that it is the portrait that celebrates the existence of humankind, and it is the portrait that signifies a deeper understanding of the spirit that internalizes, and at the same time, enshrouds, all of us every single day.

Jeremy Szuder is a chef by night and creator of poetry and illustration work by day. His track record in the arts includes: 15 years as a musician in various bands (drums, vocals), graphic design work for clothing/skateboard companies, 25 plus years of self-published Zines, showings of fine art in the underground art scene, a 10-year plus stint spinning vinyl at various events all across the city, and at present time, he continues to have both illustrations and poems published by over a dozen fine art and literary publications all across the U.S.A. as well as Canada. Jeremy Szuder continues to call Los Angeles, California via Glendale his home.

A Song for Jeremy

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