Josey Prior

Four Sisters

Oil on Canvas

Artist Statement: I worked on this “zoomed in” painting of four orchids while in a mild psychosis (I’m diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder). I felt the flowers speaking to me and directing my paintbrush as I worked. 

Josey Prior grew up in Naples, FL, a child drawn to all things art. She’s dabbled in just about everything from sewing to sculpture to origami. After her time studying Fine Arts at Amherst College, she landed on traditional printmaking and oil painting as her true art loves. She finds inspiration all around her in the beauty flora and fauna of Southwest Florida. Josey’s art is colorful, evoking joy and life, as she has struggled her adult life with mental illness. Diagnosed at age 19 with Schizoaffective Bipolar Disorder, her art has been her savior–her passion to keep going, on some of the darkest days. 

A Song for Josey

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