Ken Anderson

Mute Proof

When she died, you stored her in a humming freezer, watched her set into the awesome beauty of the dead, her nails like glass, her forehead pale as snow. You knew a touch, a holy kiss, would burn— her saint’s frock glistening with frost, caught at the moment blown by a frigid blast. The checkered print suggested a plastic bag. Above her head, the lightbulb’s aureole. 

Three days later, dawn, like a crystal eyelid, broke. You prayed for resurrection, and she thawed, like March, but failed to wake, just lounged there, wreathed in Freon— statuesque, herself, and mute proof of the stubbornness of death.

Ken Anderson was a finalist in the 2021 Saints and Sinners poetry contest. New Poetry from the Festival (an anthology of the 2021/2022 winners and finalists) includes four of his poems. His poetry books are The Intense Lover and Permanent Gardens. Publications include Coffin Bell, Hole in the Head Review, Hyacinth Review, Impostor, London Grip, Lotus-eater, Lullwater Review, Modern Literature, Neologism Poetry Review, Oddball Magazine, Orbis, Penumbra, Rudderless Mariner Poetry, Sangam Literary Magazine, Sein und Werden, Toho Journal, Verbal Art, The Waiting Room, and Willawa Journal.

A Song for Ken

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