Marina Giacosa Esnal

Close to you

I had always held your index finger as we walked side by side, at first with my whole fist holding on tight, later on by making a little curl around it with my own index finger. It was not always necessary to guide me around the street as we walked, as we entered buildings big and small. It was definitely not necessary to keep me close to you – I would have stayed even without you being able to tighten your grip. But it did become a necessity within me to guide myself through this world, connected to you like the moon to the Earth, your gravity keeping me from getting lost in space, its orbit never expanding more than the distance created by your extended arm plus my extended arm, although I always liked it when it was smaller than that, with our elbows touching. Now, as I walk around this world, I miss how close we could be back then, but when I reach into my pocket and hook my index finger around yours, I no longer feel lost.

Marina Giacosa Esnal is a person who enjoys writing and is trying to feel more comfortable sharing her pieces.

A Song for Marina

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