Melinda Giordano


Graphite on Paper, 9″x12″

Artist Statement

I took a photograph of this fellow at the beach, in Palos Verdes. He hoped  to be intimidating – explaining the puffiness of his figure; lizards characteristically make themselves as large as possible to scare off intruders. However, I was delighted to come across this tiny dinosaur. The patterns of scales, the shadows, his stoic posture, his peculiar beauty – all were charming. I couldn’t get over how lucky I was to discover this example of Nature’s cleverness right at my feet, partially hidden. This subject didn’t need color; as soon as I decided on pencil over pen and ink and as soon as I accepted the challenge of a rather difficult subject, I happily began to draw.

Melinda Giordano‘s artwork has appeared in magazines such as Pearl, Amelia, new renaissance, The Altadena Review, Stone Country, The Bellowing Ark, Cactus Heart Press, Written River, Typehouse Magazine and The Sonder Review. She was the 2019 cover artist for The Sea Letter, providing designs for all four of its seasonal issues. Her work was included in the 2018 “Pen & Ink” exhibit at The Union Street Gallery. She values the architectural properties of the small things – subjects as vast and complex as any cityscape or countryside. They are the loveliest of blueprints.

A Song for Melinda

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