Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Wisterical Hysteria

This piece is from the blurry haze of Summer 2020, where escapism and daydreaming take a new form, as much of the world narrows to our inner-selves. This piece is from a set of paintings that detail solitude and singularity in a way that reflects back upon itself, drawing from memories and from seasons come and gone. Each piece pulls from pop culture and myth, rearranging the elements into a new world to peruse.

Michaela MacBlake Matthews (Surrealismac) has three hometowns: born in Kennebunk, Maine in 1997, moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2002, and Versailles, Kentucky, to live in and operate a Bed and Breakfast in 2009. Coming full circle, Mac is right where any artist would want to be: living in Southern Maine (lovingly referred to as Nowhere, Vacationland), nestled precisely between two fantastic cities: Boston and Portland.

A Song for Michaela

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