Michal Mitak Mahgerefteh

Visible Circumstance

Mixed-Media on Watercolor Paper

This series, DoodleMe, was created in summer 2020, inspired by the pandemic. For the first time, Mitak’s creativity was influenced by a strong sense of fear of losing a loved one, the possibility of a long-term disability, isolation, and often loneliness. On the positive side, it also gave her the opportunity to spend more time outdoors: hiking, power walking, biking, light gardening, and daydreaming in the backyard. She gradually started to pay attention to small details in shape and color: petals, twigs, seeds, thorns, leaves, and especially the scent and smells of earth. This is a growing series, available in her store: www.Mitak-Art.com

Michal Mitak Mahgerefteh is an award-winning poet and artist from Israel, living in Virginia since 1986. Her artwork has been included in solo and group exhibitions and published in many literary magazines.

A Song for Michal

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