Phyllis Green

Grace Among the Trees

acrylic, 11″ x 15″, paper adhered to wood

Artist Statement: I didn’t I know I could draw. Through the years, I would try but never felt I could call myself an artist. But when I was 84 or 85, I bought a small box of acrylics. When I saw I had drawn a horse I thought, “If I’d known I could draw a horse, I would have taken up art a lot earlier.” And that’s how I  became an artist.

Phyllis Green‘s paintings can be found in ArLiJo 123, the Revolution (relaunch), Earth and Altar, ThereAfter, Superpresent, Novus, New Plains Review, CERASUS, FERAL, Gulf Stream Magazine, and soon in little somethings press, CALYX, Aji and I 70 Review

A Song for Phyllis

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