Rebecca Ledbetter


Oils and Orange Peels on Canvas, 27″ x 36″ 

Artist Statement

My work deals with the abstraction of gesture, color, layers, and shadows to push and pull the space within the canvas in order to create an artistic narrative. In my pieces, I seek to understand the human relationships and interactions we encounter and experience every day, and how those connections shape us. In “Serendipity,” I became obsessed with the idea of adding elements that would outlive myself, while adding form to function, and did so by adding orange peels mixed with my painting medium onto the canvas. This added the depth, structure, and movement that is seen serenading with the colors chosen, and became the true ethos of what serendipity represents. 

Rebecca Ledbetter is an artistic narrator, hoping to create an emotional response to the way colors and gestures float across her canvases, in a carefully curated way, much in the same way an author pens text. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes more serious, her works are created in a narrative style that allows viewers the opportunity to connect their own unique experiences to the work. Utilizing inspirations from beloved novels, memories, the intensity of communication, and the narratives around us helps guide her work. She received her BA in Communications and Studio Art from Denison University in 2013, and since then has showcased work in Philadelphia, PA, Granville, OH, and Martha’s Vineyard. Ledbetter and currently resides and works in Philadelphia, PA.

A Song for Rebecca

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