Shannon Gardner


Watercolor and Ink on Paper

Artist Statement: Shannon appreciates the spontaneous process of nature and strives to explore Earth’s unfound beauty and imitate its natural imperfections. She creates art depicting paranormal elements and iconography. Her line and dot work create an impression of a technical drawing. Stippling and cross-hatching creates clusters of value implying crisp texture and depth, giving the illusion of change through time. Shannon’s serendipitous approach to watercolor and ink creates a profound contrasting aura with her illustrations.

Shannon’s interest in the macabre began while studying nature and the paranormal. The ethereal mood of her work reaches the extreme and addresses the taboo. Through her process, she explores natural and organic techniques used to imitate nature and to discover Earth’s imperfect beauty. She attempts to disassociate hand from consciousness and work directly from instinct. Shannon’s use of watercolor, ink, line and dot work assists the viewer to observe the Asian aesthetic Wabi Sabi, appreciation of imperfections. 

A Song for Shannon

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