Tifara Brown


The Bible told me laughter does good like medicine, so my people happily overdose. The War on Drugs was not completely lost on the Negro, for we pop jokes like Molly, taking drags on Jones and yo’ mama makes THC look like collard greens. Our gaping mouths seep laughter because it numbs the pain. When we are high, we hallucinate a world that loves us.

Tifara Brown was born and raised in the Deep South and has been writing original poetry about her experience as a Black female Southerner since 2013. She has shared her poetry on the TEDx stage and competed across the country in the art of spoken word. Tifara recently published Honeysuckle: Poems and Stories from a Black Southerner in memory of her ancestor who was a victim of racial violence. She is passionate about storytelling and uses her words as a vehicle for advocacy for POC and all oppressed communities. 

A Song for Tifara

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