Writers Against Trump

Hello, dear Writers,

I offer you the opportunity to make a video statement (or a text-only statement) and add it to the growing voices at Writers Against Trump. “Why bother?” you may ask. “What difference will it make?” Just like the writing process, we often cannot see the results of our efforts while in the throes. But one thing I know: Numbers make change.

Please visit the link above and read through the eight steps to get involved. We only have a little time left to get everyone to vote and to make sure our votes are counted.

I once heard an editor of another literary journal say that he kept politics separate from the journal. I’m happy to report that Club Plum embraces our right to holler our alignment with Democracy to all who will listen. Club Plum is tied to no monies or institutions that determine what words we proclaim. And we will always proclaim Equality in Everything for All with our hearts, minds, hands and keyboards.

Please vote and help others vote. Your efforts matter. You matter. We matter. 


#BLM #Democracy2020 #VoteTrumpOut2020 #writersagainsttrump Thea Swanson

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