One Year

Dropping today is the first-year anniversary issue of Club Plum. I state this with calm and little fanfare, though not too much trepidation because with all the bad we’ve had, there is now hope. The Bad Man is almost out the door, and though blood has been shed at his behest, he is packing his golf clubs and his dumbphone, taking his lies and his fumes, and leaving our house. The fight isn’t over, but it will be easier.

In Volume Two, Issue One of Club Plum, voices carry above the pain, in cabinets and snowdrifts, in mirrors and trains, in houses and rain. Watercolor on rice paper graces our cover, while mixed-media collages as well as painted pieces enrich this issue with colors both cool and warm as we all try desperately to crack the ice of the old year and let in the sun of the new.

I am honored to have the privilege, once again, to present work by literary and visual artists living and creating today. This is of utmost importance to me and to the world.

The Happiest of New Years,


#ClubPlum Club Plum Literary Journal Thea Swanson

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  1. Well said, Thea. To some degree the times are what we make them and art, in its multifarious forms, is the way human beings triumph over and transcend our circumstances, whatever they may be. Congratulations on your first year. I look forward to reading issues of Club Plum now and going forward.Paul Negri


  2. “The Bad Man is packing.” Of his names and sobriquets–Agent Orange, Private Bonespurs, King Leer, Tweeter-in-Chief, etc.–the unadorned directness of Bad Man is best. Beyond satire, beyond mockery, he’s so much worse than invective can invent. Thank you, Thea.


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